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The Berlin-based enterprise botspot, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of multi-sensor 3D scanning systems, was converted into a German Aktiengesellschaft (AG) following a successful financing round (valuation 20 million euro). This was announced today in Berlin by Sascha Rybarczyk (Board of Management, botspot AG). Due to its strong growth in serial production and through several major research and development projects with leading car manufacturers, the company will move into new, significantly larger production and administrative headquarters in Berlin before the end of August this year. For its likewise growing business area of scanning services, a legally independent subsidiary is planned as a spin-off for the second half of the year, as well as the foundation of a distribution company at the same location.

Sascha Rybarczyk, Board of Management botspot AG:
The enormous demand from various industries for 3D technology, particularly for botspot 3D scanners, is creating a great atmosphere of change. With the restructuring, botspot is setting the course to continue shaping the 3D market with unique innovative power, the best know-how and great passion.

With the change of the legal form into a stock corporation, Sascha Rybarczyk (previously already general manager of the company) and Bernd Timmermann (new member with many years of experience in industrial production) were appointed to the Board of Management. Co-founder and lawyer Markus Frank, software entrepreneur and lawyer Dr Peter Becker (Jurasoft AG) and marketing specialist and multiple founder Vian Feldhusen joined the Supervisory Board.

botspot AG is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of multi-sensor 3D scanning systems (e.g. photogrammetry & infrared). Since its founding in 2013, the company has become an innovation leader and developed a wide range of scanners as serial products or custom scan solutions that are being used in many different industries (the export quota is 94 percent). In addition to various 3D scanning systems for the digitization of people and objects, botspot offers customized scan solutions for numerous applications in the fields of E-Commerce, Health Care, Industrial Applications and VR/AR/MR.

Berlin based botspot GmbH, technology leader for premium photogrammetric 3D scanning systems, is expanding its model range with a 3D body scanner for 3D captures in the infrared frequency range of light.

The new 3D scanner botscan IR is the result of 2 years of research and development and works as a hybrid system – during one scanning process it captures highly precise and colorfast 3D data of people and larger objects in visible light as well as in infrared frequencies. Several integrated infrared sensors and infrared light sources with different IR wavelengths allow 3D scanning outside the frequencies of visible light.
With this expansion of the usable spectrum, otherwise inaccessible information about the texture of the scanned people and objects can be captured.

As part of research and development projects and besides successful 3D scanners serial production, botspot develops and builds professional 3D scanning systems that are optimally designed for specific client’s requirements in terms of data precision, object specifics, light frequencies and areas of application.

Visit the botspot website for 3D models created with the infrared 3D body scanner botscan IR.

Berlin based botspot GmbH, technology leader for premium photogrammetric 3D scanning systems, presents their new 3D object scanner at Formnext fair from 19.11. to 22.11.2019 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The botscan MOMENTUM generates highly precise and colorfast 3D data for objects from 5 to 50 centimeters, in all common output formats. During the scanning process, five quality sensors automatically take photos in the highest resolution from different perspectives. The digitized object can be viewed via the integrated 3D viewer as high-res 3D model or as optimized low-poly version and be published directly on 3D platforms.

A flexible holder system and individual scan modes allow easy and fast digitization of a variety of objects. The botscan MOMENTUM is operated and controlled via an intuitive app interface on the integrated touchscreen. This makes professional scanning accessible to every user.

The ideal application for the botscan MOMENTUM is the 3D digitization of objects for E-Commerce, Documentation, 3D Printing, VR/AR/MR, Health Care, Industrial Applications and more.

Berlin based botspot GmbH, technology leader for premium photogrammetric 3D scanning systems, introduces the newest member of its botscan 3D Full Body Scanner series at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt, Germany, 25.06. to 27.06.2019.

The botscan NEO system produces highly precise and colorfast 3D data of people and larger objects. In a fraction of a second, 70 high-tech sensors take photos, without contact or risk, from different perspectives and in the highest resolution. Operation and control are made easy through an intuitive app.
The design of the botscan NEO scanbox, which has a standard diameter of 3.30 meters, is modular and allows for easy transport and modular expandability. Assembly and disassembly will take less than one hour each.

The main application of the botscan NEO is Full Body Scanning, for VR / AR / MR, Health Care and Industrial Applications.

The botscan NEO will be available for the general public by autumn 2019.

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