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Here you will find news from our high-tech manufactory to 3D scanners, 3D digitization and all other topics for which we are still excited.

Launch of our Virtual Reality Showroom

14.12.2020 | From now on, botspot also has a home in the virtual world: our VR Showroom is an interactive catalog of numerous objects and people, all digitized with our photogrammetric 3D Scanning Solutions. Especially in times of contact restrictions and minimum distance, it offers a unique opportunity to get in touch with partners and customers.

Several theme-based rooms cover a wide range of applications of our products and invite to a journey of discovery into the world of photogrammetry. Furthermore, the visitor can meet some faces behind botspot.

7 years botspot

18.09.2020 | We have been digitizing the world in 3D for 7 years now and frequently noticed that we are on the right track with our work for digital 3D innovation.

On September 18th 2020, we celebrated our anniversary together with  partners and customers at our headquarters in Berlin-Schöneweide.

As every year, our guests were invited to create a digital selfie with our 3D-Scan-System botscan NEO or to experience how easy digitizing can be with the help of our Object Scanner botscan MOMENTUM. 

A selection of the snapshots can be seen on our Sketchfab page.

Equipped with VR-glasses and controllers, the visitors could see the results of different 3D scans in our virtual showroom in detail and in close-up.

3D Scanning in times of COVID-19

30.04.2020 | Like many other companies we at botspot have taken measures to ensure the safety of our employees and to continue supporting our customers and partners at the same time.

A part of our team remains available for you in the office.
In case you should not be able to reach anyone in the office by phone, please send an email to mail[at]

If you are in need of digital 3D models or 3D avatars for your current projects, even at short notice, we continue providing our fast and risk-free 3D digitization of objects and people.
Your scanning objects should preferably come by mail. Upon request, personal delivery can be arranged. The 3D scanning of people in our Berlin 3D Scan Center is still possible. For everybody’s safety we ensure all applicable protective measures.

Canon and botspot

27.03.2020 | An elementary criterion for highly precise 3D data from botspot 3D scanners is the use of quality sensors. From the very beginning we build and develop with hardware and software components from Canon.
In January 2020 a Canon film team visited our offices and workshops in Berlin. The result is a 2-minute video with insights into our work and the cooperation between Canon and botspot.

6 years botspot

23.09.2019 | On September 20th 2019, we celebrated our 6th anniversary together with customers and partners in our workshop in Berlin Schöneweide. Our scanners also opened their doors that evening: Each guest was invited to digitize in 3D in the latest botspot 3D scan system botscan NEO.
A selection of the resulting 3D scans can be seen on our Sketchfab page.

We are newspaper sponsor!

01.09.2019 | 3D goes 2D: We are glad to be newspaper sponsor!
Starting from September botspot provides one annual subscription of Berliner Zeitung for Bewegte Schule Köpenick in Berlin. Happy reading future 3D pioneers!

For more details and an overview to all newspaper sponsors visit the newspaper sponsor’s extra page of Berliner Zeitung (DE only).

botspot at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2019

28.06.2019 | At the end of June, we presented our new 3D Full Body Scanner botscan NEO for the first time at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, the trade fair for 3D and additive manufacturing in Erfurt. On all three days of exhibition visitors could experience our latest rapid 3D scanning technology with high release synchronicity and modular design.

See our 3D scanners in action and experience our technology

TCT 3Sixty

28.09. - 30.09.2021

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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