3D Scanning Service – We digitize for you in 3D

Do you need 3D scans for your one-off project or would you like to use 3D digitization outside our premises for a short period of time?

Scanning of Persons and Objects in 3D

Visit our 3D Scan Center in Berlin and use botspot photogrammetric 3D scanners for your 3D digitization of persons and objects. A 3D scan in our 3D Fullbody Scanner takes 0.01 second and is made without any contact or harm.
For your individual inquiry please contact us. We will get back to you.

Information to 3D Scanning Service in times of COVID-19:
We continue providing our fast and risk-free 3D digitization of objects and people. Your scanning objects should preferably come by mail. Upon request, personal delivery can be arranged. For everybody’s safety we ensure all applicable protective measures during your stay.

What is the price of a 3D Scan?

3D scans of persons – starting at 390 €

appointment in our Berlin 3D Scan Center
1 scan included

3D scans of objects – starting at 250 €

appointment in our Berlin 3D Scan Center
4 scans included

3D scans outside our premises

on request

3D Data Specification and Price List

Output Format of 3D Modelsraw GLB or OBJ file with texture, more data formats available
3D Resolutionup to 0.1 mm
Colorup to 16.7 million colors
Scaling of 3D Modelsyes
Quality of CalculationHigh Poly to Low Poly
Cleaning of 3D Datanot included

Colorfast 3D Models of Persons and Objects in top quality – digitized with botspot 3D Scanners

Get highly precise and colorfast 3D models of people, animals, products, food, art objects, artifacts, components and other kind of objects – fast, contactless and harmless. The 3D models usually require, depending on the application, no to little postprocessing and can be used for various applications.

From the calculated 3D models, compressed VR 3D models with a smaller file size can be created for virtual reality applications. These can be used as a basis for quickly and efficiently creating several different color variants of a product based on a single 3D model, for example. The two 3D models Custom-Solution_Beer-Bottle_raw (position 10) and Custom-Solution_Beer-Bottle_modeled (position 11) serve as a comparison between the unprocessed and VR-ready models.
See the difference for yourself.

For all other 3D samples on this page, no postprocessing was done.

How can we help you?

We are happy to assist you with your request. Please feel free to contact us.