Custom Scan Solutions

Since 2013 we develop and build customized 3D scanners. With our expertise as an international technology leader in the field of photogrammetry, we will find the 3D scan solution for your individual requirement.

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Innovative 3D scanning systems for industrial applications

In our R&D department we realize individual complete scanning solutions based on your requirements in terms of:

– level of data quality

– object specifics

– frequency ranges, e.g. infrared (IR)

– application fields

Infrared 3D Scanner botscan IR

The botscan IR captures highly precise and colorfast 3D data of people and larger objects in visible light plus infrared frequencies (NIR) during one scanning process. In a fraction of a second, high resolution camera sensors produce photos from different perspectives within frequencies of visible light and specific IR wavelength.

This spectral range, which is initially not accessible to us, contains valuable information. Numerous imaging techniques work with infrared radiation and the possible applications for infrared 3D scanners are very diverse.

For all 3D samples on this page, no postprocessing was done.

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