botscan NEO

The smart 3D Scanning System that captures highly precise and colorfast 3D data of people and larger objects in a fraction of a second. Without any contact or risk, thanks to photogrammetry.
Premium features and automated workflows make botscan NEO the ideal 3D scanner for easy and mobile 3D scanning.

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botscan NEO Features

Modular design

Easy-to-use click and connect system for quick assembly and disassembly, easy transport and modular expandability.

High-quality sensors

82 high-quality camera sensors take photos from different perspectives coordinately, in a fraction of a second, with the highest resolution.

Indirect flash system

12 flash units provide an ideal illumination for a high-quality 3D model with true color and perfect details.

Pattern Projection

For fast and precise capturing of demanding surfaces, several beamers project a light pattern onto the object.

True-to-scale 3D models

Markers installed in the scanner reliably scale the scanned person for a true-to-scale digital 3D copy.

Easy to use via app

Clear and intuitive app interface for fast and easy 3D scanning.

Automated scanning workflows

Automatized procedures for efficient scan calculation provide a shortcut to your perfect 3D model.

Active exhaust system

Relaxed scanning sessions in the best room atmosphere thanks to the exhaust of stale room air.

Smart Safety Lock

Securely lockable scan system for a flexible mobile usage.

Customizable branding

A lot of attention for advertising messages and the presentation of your company.

Technical Specifications botscan NEO

Scan Time0.01 second,
0.6 seconds with Pattern Projection
3D Resolutiondown to 0.1 mm
Max. Resolution in Polygonsscalable, up to 40,000,000
Low Poly Optionyes
Textureup to 16,384 × 16,384 pixels,
16.7 million colors, .jpg or .png
Min. Object Size (L × W × H)500 × 500 × 500 mm
Max. Object Size (L × W × H)1000 × 1000 × 2000 mm
Data Output Formats.obj, .glb, .ply, .abc, .dae, .fbx, .dxf, .xyz, .pxt, .las
Sensors82 (customizable up to 120)
Lightintegrated Ambient Light system,
integrated indirect flash system
Pattern Projectionincluded
Ventilation Systemactive exhaust system
Operationvia App or remote control
Software Packagebotspot SENSOR CONTROL,
botspot AUTOMATION SUITE (optional)
Diameter × Height3050 × 2460 mm

botscan NEO is the perfect scanner for the following requirements

Fullbody Scanning
VR / AR / MR
Health Care
Industrial Applications

Digitized with botspot 3D scanners

Scan people and objects for highly precise, colorfast 3D models in less than a second. Get high-quality 3D data with the botscan NEO with little or no correction, depending on the requirements of your individual application.
For all 3D samples on this page, no postprocessing was done.

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