botscan MOMENTUM

The Advanced 3D Desktop Scanner for easy 3D scanning, for every user.
With the best of photogrammetry it guarantees highly precise and colorfast 3D data of objects from 5 to 50 cm, making it the ideal device for fast digitization in E-commerce, documentation or any other field.

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botscan MOMENTUM Features

Modular accessories for
object alignment

The flexible holder system is individually adjustable and allows easy and secure 3D scanning of a variety of objects from 5 to 50 centimeters.

Individual scan modes

Digitizes objects just as you need: as standard highly precise 3D model or, by advanced settings, in maximum resolution with highest precision.

High-quality sensors

During the scanning process for the 3D model, the high-quality camera sensors automatically take photos in the highest resolution, from different perspectives; you define the number of stops. These captures can be also used for premium 360° product presentation as well as for serial photography of objects from every perspective.

LED cold light (close to daylight)

Ideal illumination for a high quality 3D model with true color and perfect details.

True-to-scale 3D models

Markers installed in the scanner reliably scale the scanned object for a true-to-scale digital 3D copy.

Easy to use via app

User-friendly, intuitive app interface on the integrated touchscreen for fast and easy 3D scanning.

Automatized cutting-out of the
3D model

The scanned object is automatically calculated as a cut-out 3D model after each scan.

Integrated 3D viewer

The digitized object can be checked via the 3D viewer on the integrated touchscreen – with or without colorfast texture, as you choose.

3D data optimization

The 3D data optimization software RapidCompact by DGG  allows the creation of a perfect Low Poly version of the 3D model, optimized for MB or number of polygons, with just one click.

Data export into all standard formats

Export of the optimized 3D model into the file formats OBJ, glTF (GLB) or USDZ.

Direct export to the 3D Cloud

Publish the 3D model directly from the app at a 3D platform as RapidCompact.Cloud.

Connect additional hardware

Multiple ports for Ethernet, USB and HDMI allow to connect more hardware components to the scanner if required.

Technical Specifications botscan MOMENTUM

Scan Timefrom 30 seconds (adjustable)
3D Resolutiondown to 0.2 mm
Max. Resolution in Polygonsscalable, up to 40,000,000
Low Poly Optionyes
Textureup to 16,384 × 16,384 pixels,
16.7 million colors, .jpg or .png
Min. Object Size
(cylindrical scan area D × H)
50 × 50 mm
Max. Object Size
(cylindrical scan area D × H)
500 × 500 mm
Max. Object Weight10 kg
Data Output Formats.obj, .glb, .usdz, .ply, .abc, .dae, .fbx, .dxf, .xyz, .pxt, .las
Sensors3 - 6 (5DS R option available)
Lightintegrated true to life LED cold light system
Ports / Interface1× Ethernet, 2× USB 3.0, 1× HDMI
Operationvia App
Software Packagebotspot SENSOR CONTROL,
3D viewer app and 3D data optimization software (RapidCompact by DGG)
Length × Width × Height1110 × 760 × 1200 mm

botscan MOMENTUM is the perfect scanner for the following requirements

Object Scanning
VR / AR / MR
Health Care
Industrial Applications

Digitized with botspot 3D scanners

Scan objects from 5 to 50 centimeters for highly precise, colorfast 3D models. Get high-quality 3D data with the botscan MOMENTUM with little or no correction, depending on the requirements of your individual application.
For all 3D samples on this page, no postprocessing was done.

3D Models vs 360° Photos


3D models can be viewed from every perspective, rotating them to any conceivable angle and zooming – thus allowing an inspection of the product/object in its entirety, including the interior and details in undercuts. 360° photographs allow specific viewing angles only.


In the viewer, 360 degree photos and 3D models can be displayed as automatic turntable animations. For 3D models it is also possible to animate specific parts of the product/object to simulate structure and functionalities.


Comments and explanations by text, photos or videos can be built into both, 360 degree images and 3D models, to provide extra information about the product/object.

User Experience

3D models are photorealistic renderings that, depending on the quality of the 3D model, are hardly to distinguish from photographs. Thanks to their three-dimensional structure, 3D models allow meaningful implementation in VR and AR applications.

Efficiency in Data Creation

For products/objects that offer different color or texture options, the 3D models can be easily modified by changing color or texture to provide those variations. For 360 turntable photos, each different version of the product/object requires a new photoshoot.

File Size and Data Quality

The quality of high-resolution 360° photos drops when decreasing file size. For high-resolution 3D models there is an easy approach by reducing the number of polygons. These Low Poly 3D models produce a much smaller file size but retain their high-quality appearance. Thus, Low Poly 3D models are best suitable for implementation in different kind of applications.

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