Photogrammetric 3D Scanners:
3D Body Scanners and 3D Object Scanners

botspot 3D scanners are equipped with high resolution camera sensors. Combined with the reliable botspot technology, they produce highly precise, colorfast 3D scans in a fraction of a second, even for moving objects. For any size, for any field of application – also as mobile 3D scanner.

Premium 3D Scanners for professional 3D scanning

botscan MOMENTUM

Advanced 3D Desktop Scanner

  • adjustable scan modes
  • flexible holder system for various objects
  • touchscreen with integrated 3D viewer
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botscan NEO

Completely mobile Premium Full Body Scanner with Pattern Projection

  • rapid, highly precise, colorfast 3D data
  • modular design
  • highly synchronized release mechanism
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botscan PRO S

Full Body Scanner
with Pattern Projection

  • rapid, colorfast 3D scans
  • high-resolution captures
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botscan CARGO

The Event Scanner

  • top technology of the botscan PRO S
  • mobile and ready to use
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Efficient Object Scanner

  • fast and precise capturing of different object sizes
  • patented zoom-and-tilt technology
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Custom Scan Solutions

The individual 3D scanning solution for your needs

  • many years of experience in development
  • experienced R&D specialists
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What is Photogrammetry?

botspot 3D scanners work with photogrammetry which allows contactless, rapid and completely safe scanning without any laser. Using many digital pictures, captured by quality cameras from different perspectives, photogrammetry reconstructs 3D surfaces by matching uniquely identifiable points in multiple pictures and triangulating them in three dimensional space – using the same principle as your eyes use to create depth. Connecting these points leads to an exact 3D model, the »mesh«, plus a texture for high color fidelity.

Professional 3D scanning for perfect 3D data

Scan what you want

persons, animals and objects

Fastest 3D scanning

standard scan time 0.01 second

Absolutely colorfast texturing

3D models with up to 16.7 million colors

Highly precise 3D data

exact reproduction of details

Low Poly 3D model option

high quality data with small file size

Technology »Made in Germany«

premium quality manufactured in Berlin

3D models of persons, animals and objects – Fast and easy to digitize with botspot 3D scanners

For all 3D samples on this page, no postprocessing was done to present the high quality of our 3D data.

Industrial 3D Scanners
for your requirements

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