Automated photogrammetric 3D Scanners:
3D Body Scanners and 3D Object Scanners for perfect 3D data

The 3D scanners from botspot are equipped with high-resolution camera sensors. In combination with photogrammetry and the reliable botspot technology, they produce highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D scans in a fraction of a second.

botspot 3D scanning systems can be operated intuitively without special knowledge. They allow easy and efficient 3D scanning of people and objects of different types and sizes, even in motion. For every field of application – also as mobile 3D scanning solution.

Your professional 3D Scanner for highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D data

botscan MOMENTUM

Advanced 3D Desktop Scanner

  • for objects from 5 to 50 cm
  • adjustable scan modes
  • flexible holder system for various objects
  • touchscreen with integrated 3D viewer
  • 3D optimization software
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botscan NEO

Smart and mobile Premium 3D Scanning System with Pattern Projection

  • perfect 3D data of people and larger objects in 0.01 second
  • automated scanning workflows
  • modular design
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botscan PRO S

Premium Full Body Scanner with Pattern Projection

  • rapid, colorfast 3D data of people and animals
  • high-resolution captures
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botscan CARGO

The Event Scanner

  • efficient 3D scanning of people at events or external activities
  • top technology of the botscan 3D scanners
  • mobile and ready to use
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Efficient Object Scanner

  • fast and precise capturing of different object sizes
  • patented zoom-and-tilt technology
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Custom Scan Solutions

The individual 3D scanning solution for your needs

  • many years of experience in development
  • experienced R&D specialists
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Easy and efficient 3D scanning with smart 3D scanning technology »Made in Germany«

3D scan within 0.01 second

Experience the fastest 3D scanning with highly precise and full-color scan results. Capture easily 3D models of people and objects in motion.

Only one click away from your scan

You just press the button – the scan and the next steps are done automatically by the system.
No need to calibrate, no manual target placement, no installation of light sources.

3D resolution up to 0.1 mm

Create highly precise 3D models with exact details efficiently and fast – for many objects without the need for post-processing.

Maximum color accuracy

Get authentic digital 3D replicas with absolutely colorfast texture of up to 16.7 million colors.

Best 3D data output for your application

Accurate 3D models in high poly or low poly and in the file format of your choice: OBJ, GLB, USDZ, PLY, ABC, DAE, FBX, DXF, XYZ, PXT or LAS.

Easy to scan (almost) everything

Scan people, animals and objects of different types and sizes with almost any surface perfectly in 3D – risk-free and fast with photogrammetry, no need for lasers.

Perfect 3D models thanks to photogrammetry and our technological expertise

In the photogrammetric 3D digitization process, numerous highly precise camera sensors take images of the scan object from different perspectives. Afterwards, a software identifies distinctive features in these images and creates a point cloud from them. By triangulating these unique points, 3D surfaces can be accurately reconstructed. Using the same principle, our eyes enable three-dimensional vision.
The resulting »mesh« represents the exact surface of a 3D model. In the final step, the 3D model is textured so that the surface’s characteristics can be represented in an exact detail.

The combination of perfectly coordinated software and hardware from botspot realizes the full potential of this technology.


Automated digitization of people and objects

Our 3D scanners provide highly precise and absolutely color-fast 3D models of people, animals, products, food, artwork, cultural artifacts, components and other objects.

The intuitive control via app and the automated scan workflow allow an easy 3D scanning for every user. The duration of a scan is equal to the exposure time of the synchronized camera sensors and therefore only takes 0.01 second. This quick capturing time even allows 3D scans of people or objects in motion.

The calculated 3D models usually require little or no post-processing, depending on the characteristics of the scanned object and the intended application.




3D models of people, animals and objects –
fast, easily and reliably digitized with botspot 3D Scanners

In order to give you a clear and reliable picture of the quality of our data, all following 3D samples are without any post-processing.
By clicking on the play button in the 3D viewer, you can view the 3D model in virtual space (depending on the internet speed, this may take a few seconds). For best 3D enjoyment we recommend the full screen mode.

You can find more 3D models for various applications, created with botspot 3D scanners, on our Sketchfab page.

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