3D scanning technology
by botspot

Digitize your world in 3D with
3D scanning systems from the technology leader in photogrammetry

Discover 3D Scanners

Professional 3D Scanners for rapid, highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D data

botscan MOMENTUM

Advanced 3D Desktop Scanner

  • adjustable scan modes
  • flexible holder system for various objects
  • touchscreen with integrated 3D viewer
  • 3D optimization software
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botscan NEO

Smart and mobile Premium 3D Scanning System with Pattern Projection

  • perfect 3D data of people and larger objects in 0.01 second
  • automated scanning workflows
  • modular design
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botscan PRO S

Premium Full Body Scanner with Pattern Projection

  • rapid, colorfast 3D data of people and animals
  • high-resolution captures
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botscan CARGO

The Event Scanner

  • top technology of the botscan 3D scanners
  • mobile and ready to use
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Efficient Object Scanner

  • fast and precise capturing of different object sizes
  • patented zoom-and-tilt technology
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Custom Scan Solutions

The individual 3D scanning solution for your needs

  • many years of experience in development
  • experienced R&D specialists
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Go on a photogrammetric expedition!

Our VR Showroom is an interactive catalogue of numerous objects and people, all digitized with our 3D scanning solutions.

Explore 5 theme-based rooms that cover a wide range of applications of our products and get to know some of the faces behind botspot!

You can watch the 360° video with a VR headset or easily in your internet browser. Please note that a smooth playback of the 8K video is depending on your internet connection and your computer system/mobile device.


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3D scanning solutions
for your requirements

Our expertise for your best 3D scan result

Intuitive operation

Easy and reliable 3D scanning without special knowledge and for every user.

Easy to digitize (almost) everything

Scan objects of different types and sizes with almost any surface perfectly in 3D – in many cases without post-processing.

Fastest 3D scanning

0.01 second standard scan time for high-precision and full-color scanning results.

Highly precise 3D data

Exact reproduction of details with a 3D resolution of up to 0.1mm.

Absolutely colorfast texture

3D models with maximum color accuracy up to 16.7 million colors for authentic digital replicas.

Scanning with efficiency

No calibration, no manual placement of targets, no installation of light sources – just a click on the button.

Automated scanning workflows

Just one click: You press the button and the system takes over the further steps.

Risk-free 3D scanning

Secure and fast 3D data capture with photogrammetry, without laser beams or continuous light flashes.

Dimensionally accurate 3D models

Reliable scaling of digital models to create perfect virtual environments and for exact measurements in 3D.

Experts in industrial research and development

Our core competence: Individual 3D scanning solutions for customer specific applications.

Agile and passionate team

Our mission: Shaping the future sustainably – with 3D. We are convinced of the potential of our technology, and to this purpose we are mastering new challenges together.

Technology »Made in Germany«

Reliable and smart 3D scanning systems – developed and built in Berlin, in use worldwide.

See botspot 3D scanners in action and experience our technology


19.10. - 20.10.2021

Lugano, Switzerland

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