3D scanning technology
by botspot

Digitize your world in 3D with
3D scanning systems from the technology leader in photogrammetry

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Professional 3D Scanners for rapid, highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D data

botscan MOMENTUM

Advanced 3D Desktop Scanner

  • adjustable scan modes
  • flexible holder system for various objects
  • touchscreen with integrated 3D viewer
  • 3D optimization software
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botscan NEO

Smart and mobile Premium 3D Scanning System with Pattern Projection

  • perfect 3D data of people and larger objects in 0.01 second
  • automated scanning workflows
  • modular design
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botscan PRO S

Premium Full Body Scanner with Pattern Projection

  • rapid, colorfast 3D data of people and animals
  • high-resolution captures
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botscan CARGO

The Event Scanner

  • top technology of the botscan 3D scanners
  • mobile and ready to use
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Efficient Object Scanner

  • fast and precise capturing of different object sizes
  • patented zoom-and-tilt technology
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Custom Scan Solutions

The individual 3D scanning solution for your needs

  • many years of experience in development
  • experienced R&D specialists
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3D scanning solutions
for your requirements

Our expertise for your best scan result

Fastest 3D scanning

standard scan time 0.01 second

Absolutely colorfast texturing

up to 16.7 million colors

Highly precise 3D data

exact reproduction of details

Custom scan solutions

your personalized 3D scanner

Agile and flexible team

we love new ways

Engineering art from Germany

premium quality manufactured in Berlin

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